Rilling Shoe Repair, established 1868

Shoe Care ProductsShoe Care Products

We offer a wide array of products for keeping your shoes in tip-top shape. Our products include:

Shoe Shine

  • Shoe polish
    Both cream and stain
    Choose from more than 38 colors
  • Nulife leather spray dye
    49 colors available
  • Shine brushes
  • Brass suede brushes
  • Sole & heel dressing
    Available in black and brown
  • Boot slip on
  • Wooden shine box
    Great for storing all of your brushes and polish
  • Shine butler

Shoe Comfort

  • Foam cushion insoles-men's and women's - all sizes
  • Foot cushions
  • Rubber heel grippers
  • Leather arch cushions
  • Heel cushions

Shoe Care

  • Suede and nubuck protector
  • Protect-All rain & stain repellent
  • Leather contitioners
  • Dyo leather balm
  • Dyo spot remover
  • Shoe trees
    Plastic - men's and women's
    Cedar - men's
  • Shoe laces
    Wax, round and casual